Car parking late at night


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Hi all,

I will be driving into Florence next month, and finding a private car park is no problem. My problem is I have a wedding 45 mins outside of Florence on a Saturday night meaning I will be driving back/arriving back in Florence around 1am on the Sunday morning and I am told the city is closed between 11pm- 3am on Thurs-Saturday evenings to cars.
What is the best way to get my car back into the city that time of night?



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When they say the city is closed, they mean that the ZTL hours are in effect and you can be fined for entering into certain areas of the city.

However if you are parking at a parking lot within these areas - then they will put your license plate on a list and you will not be fined. Double check that they do this!

There are lots of places you can park outside of the ZTL zone, have a look at this article.

Buon Viaggio,

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