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Hi, I will be in Italy next June for two weeks . We are starting in Venice and working our way down to Rome. I wanted to rent a car from Florence and drive to Tuscany for 3 nights. We are staying in Cortona then heading to Rome via train. What is the best option for getting and returning the car without driving all over?
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Renting a Car, Made Easy


My suggestion is to train it down to Florence - dedicated a day to exploring this amazing city. You can leave your bags at Stow Your Bags in the city center and then in the late afternoon pick-up your rental car and head towards Cortona.

It is a rather easy drive, taking the main pay-toll highway to Arezzo, exit here and follow the signs towards Cortona. With the long daylight hours you will have lots of time to arrive and still catch sunset in Cortona. For this option look for a drop off point in Orvieto or Chiusi, where you can catch the train to Rome.

OR you could change trains and pick up a second train direct to Cortona, and look into picking up a rental car in the town - that what you pick-up and drop off right there! (they are located in the town where the train station comes in)

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