Car rental prob


I'm renting a minivan at Venice airport july-7 to be returned at Palermo airport July-31, but Magiorre and Hertz both refused our request for minivan drop off in Palermo ( they only offer smaller cars, but we are six people plus luggage ). Does anyone have any advice

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not sure how you can solve this car rental problem

That's a real tough one - there are many hours of driving distance between Venice and Palermo - which being on the island of Sicily is almost like it was in another country! So I'm not surprised they would say no to a one-way minivan drop off there. They'll allow it for the smaller cars? Even with an extra fee they won't allow it? Will they allow one-way drop off elsewhere, like in the mainland?

I am not sure what to recommend, other than contacting some smaller car rental agencies that might be more willing to say yes, if you pay a supplement for the service. Hope someone else can chime in and offer some suggestions!