Casual Winery with Kids


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We are in Tuscany (near Florence) for a few days and we'd like to visit a winery. We aren't big wine aficionados but would just like to go somewhere pretty and see the cellars and vineyards. We also have 2 children with us (who are pretty patient but there are limits).

Lots of the places I've looked at seem a little "full on" and require bookings etc. Is there a more casual place we can just turn up and look around ourselves?




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Casual Winery in Tuscany


I don't know if Tuscans would ever call enjoying wine a "casual" event :cool:

However there are a few places that are not as heavy on the details, and let you enjoy the vineyards - almost any of the places you see driving around that have a sign "Vendita Diretta" will be open to visitors just stopping in and exploring - with a min of fanfare.

Check out this link, which will list off a couple of places which could be interesting - and I suggest you also have a look at Tenuta San Vito

Have a look at this article as well, which has a few places that could work well with the kids:

Buon Viaggio,

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