Centrally located 3 star hotel in Florence?


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Do you have any recommendations for a centrally located 3-star hotel that would be good for our sons?
Our travel agent has recommended to us the Villa Carlotta. We have not been able to find anything about it on the web. We want a centrally located 3-star hotel in Florence. Your thoughts?
As for centrally-located hotels, there are a bunch of them! I can recommend
Hotel Cosimo de' Medici- Florence Hotel Cosimo de' Medici
Hotel Byron - Florence Three Star Hotel Byron
both are really close to the train station and therefore a few minutes walking from most of the monuments and museums.

You can take a look at Florence Hotels Accommodation as it has the association of hotels here in Florence and this way you can look at the hotels by characteristic or location: center, train station, budget, 3 star, etc.

As for the Villa Carlotta you were recommended, it is a 4 star hotel located in a very nice area of town, near the Piazzale Michelangelo with a view over Florence. You'll have a very good view but you won't be in the center of the city, you would need to go downtown either by bus (lines 12 and 13) or by taxi or walk if you feel that it isn't too far. You can see more details here: Villa Carlotta