Chiusure as a home base?

Kim T

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Hi Lourdes!
My husband and I will be traveling with both sets of our parents (their ages range from young 65- young 75 :) ), and we will rent a villa/home in the Tuscany Region for a week. None of us have ever been and are overwhelmed with the options! It seems you can't really go "wrong", but what town would you recommend as a home base? Looking for a very authentic experience. I “stumbled across the perfect home that fits the style of home we are looking for, but it is in Chiusure. Is this location too remote?

We will have a car but would also like to have private drivers/guides for a few trips (wineries etc.). Any private guide recommendations are also more than welcomed. Our focus will be enjoying the countryside, food, wine, olive oil, and immersing ourselves into the local culture as much as possible. We may venture to Florence for a day to check off a few things, but we will also have an opportunity to see Florence on a cruise we will be taking when we leave Tuscany so it is ok if we do not make it during our stay in Tuscany. Any direction is very much appreciated!
Thank you!
A bit remote in my opinion

Dear Kim T.

I know you are directing your message to another person, but I thought I would add my two cents. I have lived in Pienza in the Val d'Orcia for the past 10 years and know the area quite well, and I'm in low end of your parents' age range. :)

Chiusure is an interesting place to see on a day trip combined with a visit to Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore and to see the incredible crete senesi area just south of Siena. But I would prefer to be closer to a variety of towns that are still small and authentic, but have a wider range of places to eat and located near roads that make it easier/faster to see other places. We moved to Pienza, as an example, for just these reasons--but other towns that would be worth checking into are Montepulciano, San Quirico d'Orcia, and for a wonderful small small town but close enough to many wonderful places is Monticchiello. This tiny village has several fantastic restaurants. Another one, also close by to consider for the same reasons is Montefollonico.