Chosing a destination in Tuscany for a romantic holiday


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After spending several days trying to figure out where to book our holiday, I have come here for help. There are so many options! We are a couple of 29 years old, and we would really like some advice for our visit.

An absolute must is beautiful scenery, with activities options close by. We will probably rent a car, but as we do enjoy our wine it would be wonderful if not every day included having to drive a car.We are not too interested in statues, churches and such - but want a town centre to be charming and have dining options. We want accommodation with a pool overlooking great scenery and options to dine with beautiful scenery. To put it short, we need that idyllic experience of Tuscany (like the photos of Val d´Orcia).

We also want to go on a wine tour, any recommandations here?

Initially we were thinking of flying in to Firenze, so its great if its not too far of a drive from here.

We have been breifly looking at Chianti, maybe Greve? Is this a place that would meet our expectations?

We are really happy for any help and tips for our trip!

Pro Loco Sovicille

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In Tuscany there are so many romantic places - it is not easy to make a choice!
This is only one possibility; you could stay in the Tuscan countryside, for example in Sovicille - at only 13 kms from the wonderful and charming town of Siena. From Florence it will take you about one hour drive to reach Siena.
Here there are a lot of places that offer swimming pool and nice scenery ... if you want we can help you finding something. Find our page in facebook and get in touch!