Christmas Lunch and Christmas Activities

I am a travel advisor and I have clients that will be in Florence on Christmas day. Any recommendations for a great Christmas Lunch and any special activities on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve?

Grazie, Lindsay
Christmas Day most everything is closed, except for Palazzo Strozzi. They can go visit the exhibit there on Olafur Eliasson. On Christmas Eve everything is still open but generally museums close by 6pm so they can still plan to do things on the eve.

As for a special Christmas lunch in particular, all restaurants should be open and might offer the option of a special menu. Is there something in particular they want to try or a budget they are looking for? Obviously the high end restaurants might make the lunch extra special, I highly recommend you get a reservation for them ahead of time.
I would suggest looking at the Four Seasons or the Leggenda dei Frati, or any of the other top restaurants in town, as they definitely go out of their way to offer a super special menu for that day.