Cinque Terre from Garfagnana


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We're a family of 14 ranging in age from 6months to 73 staying near Gallicano in the Garfagnana. I was hoping to visit Cinque Terre but understand it is some distance away and may be difficult with four kids under 5. What is the quickest and easiest way to get to cinque Terre. Some of the very young and older ones in our party won't be good on steep paths, so what is the best way to see the villages.. Are there are any flatter and easier villages that we should concentrate on, so we get the most out of the trip? We're also going to visit Lucca and Barga and have a cooking lesson. I want to have a mix of trips and days when we stay in the vicinity to eat and relax. Any tips for things to do/see/eat please experts? Xx