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Hi guys

I am hoping to buy me and my fiancee a trip to Italy for her Birthday next month, as she loves it there; originally I was looking at Rome but (by trying to get info without giving it away) I have realised that she would be much happier in the countryside areas visiting vineyards etc. After doing a little bit of research, Tuscany seems to fit the bill perfectly.

We can only really manage 3 nights (looking at 27th October - 30th October) due to kids being looked after by my parents and just want to find somewhere relaxing and beautiful to visit. I have no intention of hiring a car so good public transport will be key.

Florence seems to be an ideal place to stay due to its central location but the best priced flights all seem to go to Pisa. I have absolutely no idea where I should be looking for accomodation.

Please help!!

Hope I've made sense.



The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Fly into Pisa, but use Florence as your base

Ciao Reese!

Sounds like a great birthday gift! :)

3 days isn't a lot but you can definitely see the main sights, Florence and Siena included. We generally recommend this itinerary.
but since your 3 days might actually be a bit less, I highly recommend you consider a tour such as this one to be planned on your second day so that you really get to see most of the treasures Tuscany has to offer in such a short time:

Use Florence as your base for the 3 nights and with the tour in the middle, you can use the time before and after to see Florence!
Fly into Pisa - the airport is well connected by train to the central station in Pisa and from there you can easily reach Florence in about an hour. There is also a bus by Terravision that goes from the Pisa airport to Florence's train station, located in the heart of the historical center. From there, you can easily reach your hotel or B&B and see all of the main sights. If you're looking for accommodation, I'd suggest you start looking here:

If you have any other questions, feel free to post!! Hope you both have a great time in Tuscany, even if the trip is short I am sure you'll be able to celebrate and enjoy the time off from the kids ;-)