Countryside Tuscany in early February

Victor Mitra

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I and my to-be wife(and childhood sweetheart) will be visiting Italy for honeymoon. We plan to visit Rome first and then Tuscany. Currently our plan is to stay in Tuscany for 3 days.

We would like to just enjoy the Tuscan countryside. Bike around and explore the picturesque mud roads and hills. And drink some good wine in the evening. :)

We were thinking of staying in Val d'orcia area - keeping in mind that we want to relax and enjoy a good country side experience. We would be delighted to hear your suggestions for stay and exploration keeping our above objectives in mind.

Thanks a lot!


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Ciao Victor and congrats on your upcoming wedding!

Your plan sounds really good, I'd also suggest the Val d'Orcia since you'll have great wine, food and hills at your doorstep to meet all of your dreams ;-).

You can stay in the countryside, there are many farmhouses that offer short stays in the area, as well as hotels in the villages that would be great. We've stayed in San Quirico d'Orcia in the past, since it is pretty central for moving around. We stayed at Casa Lemmi and enjoyed it a lot but we also saw that the Palazzo del Capitano has a large presence in town.
I think for a honeymoon you have to go for one of this style... and both give you a chance to relax too with the hot tubs! ;-)

One thing you have to plan as a requirement for this area is to rent a car - you don't have to drive out of Rome all the way up. Take a train to Chiusi and rent out of there, it is already in Tuscany and not far from the Val d'Orcia so the drive will be short.

I'd suggest to take your time to explore that immediate area:
San Quirico, Bagno Vignoni, Pienza, Montalcino (and the Sant'Antimo Abbey), Buonconvento, as well as Asciano, Montichiello... there are a lot of small charming villages, you won't have time to see them all but know that in any direction you head, you'll be seeing beautiful landscapes and historic towns. The area has Pecorino cheese, Brunello wine and Montepulciano wines as well so you should be able to do wine tastings and cheese tastings to your liking. You can rent bikes to explore the area, there are unpaved roads that connect San Quirico to Pienza as well as to Montalcino that I know of personally, but the who ea

3 days are not that much in reality... they'll fly by. Will you have additional days to see Siena or Florence? Being so close to Siena, if you had the chance, I'd suggest seeing it for sure if you haven't been but that will depend if you have a few more days or not. I also don't recommend running around and trying to fit as much as possible - better to see less but enjoy all that you see :D