Couple are looking where to stay in JAN-FEB


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Hey there,

Me and my friend are planning to visit Florence and Bologna. Our bus arriving to Firenze on JAN 30th ~1:40AM. Our plane leaving Italy from Bologna airport on the FEB 3rd. So, during Jan 30th and Feb 3rd we are looking stay, in these boat cities. If you have any solution for one city, or both, please contact me :)


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I would suggest dividing up your stay, rather than look for one base for both cities. They are distant enough - and you are departing from Bologna - that it makes sense to spend a few days in Florence, then take the train to Bologna and spend the other days in Bologna. You'll be closer to the airport too! :D

For Florence, take a look here:
Not sure what to recommend for Bologna, other than looking at the usual Homeaway, AirBnB and

Enjoy Italy!!