Cristmas in Florence 2018 - how many sights are opened?


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Hey everyone :)!

Gonna be in Italy from 21st until 27th of December.Would love to see Uffici and all other attractions in Florence, just not sure how many of them will be opened?
I red that last year on 25th everything is kinda closed but otherwise the tourists places are opened. Does somebody knows it specifically?
Thanks in Advance!


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Christmas Excitment


Such a lovely time to visit Tuscany! And Florence will be spectacular with all the lights and the perfume of chestnuts on many street corners.

I suggest that you have a look at these two articles. One is from 2017, but we update it every year as soon as the museums and monuments come out with their holiday schedule.

This article is a little more generic, it offers information on what is happening in Florence during the holiday season:

I also suggest you have a peek at our December Florence Calendar and maybe even our suggested winter tours, which will give you a few ideas of how to best see the city when it is cold outside :cool: (this will be updated shortly with 2018 dates, we normally do it the month ahead of time, because many times the local authorities don't send updates till the last minute :mad:)

Buon Viaggio,

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