Cycling around Tuscany


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I will be visiting Tuscany in early July, starting at Livorno and travelling through to Florence to spend 6 days there and then back to Livorno to the ferry. I am keen to use a bicycle as my means of transport whilst there and in Florence. (I am reasonably fit)

:)I would like to know:
1. how safe it is for a woman travelling on her own?
2. Is the terrain in those areas very hilly?
3. Any tips on day rides from both destinations?

I would also appreciate any advice on the best place to hire - I have made online enquiries at two places and still waiting for quotes.

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I would like to just start off by saying that traveling in Italy as a women, on your own, is safe as long as you remember to be cautious and anywhere in the world. I do lots of day trips on my own exploring new little cities and spend a couple evenings a week for events in Florence - again on my own - and I feel safe and comfortable. But I am also try to stay alert to my surroundings. Just use common sense ;-)

As for the biking….if you are in it for the thrill of biking, then its probably not to hilly. You are not going over any (serious) mountain passes to make your way east to Florence. However, if you are in it because you think it is a great way to see the countryside...well, the countryside does have hills (sometimes lots) so you might enjoy finding a base in the cities and doing a day trip itinerary either on your own or with an organized tour. Have a look at this link for some ideas.

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