Dance classes near Castellina


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Hi there..I am currently spending a few months in the lovely Castellina area..just wondered if you know of any dance classes I could attend ?...nothing too serious just to get to know people and get some exercise...Grazie...
ps I have transport so happy to travel...


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Dance classes


normally most classes end in June because the Italians prefer to organize their free time in the summer doing outdoor activities (going to the beach, dinners in gardens, movies under the stars, sagras and town square parties)

Have a look at the attached calendar - - I know it is in Italian but you can look at the dates and a bit of Google translate. This will give you lots of places to go to meet with people and activities in the area.

Organized social activities and sports normally start up again in September.

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I agree with Donna - dance classes fall under that category that gets "paused" in the summer months as many people leave town and are away for holiday.... so attendance drops and there is no point in keeping them going.

But summer offers lots of opportunities for social gatherings - pretty much head into most villages on summer evenings and you'll find something going on in the main piazza - music, movies, food festival of some kind, or just grilling/BBQ offerings for that outdoor summer experience :)