DaVinci bench (thinking spotl


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About 10 years ago I was reading about DaVinci and heard that there's some location in Florence that was DaVinci's favorite place to sit and think. About 9 years ago I was talking to a girl who had been to Italy, and mentioned I would like to see this place. She said that she had actually been to the place when she was in Florence. I think she said it was a bench. She had come across an inadvertently. However she can't remember the exact location, and the people running the DaVinci museum knew nothing about it yesterday when I asked. Has anyone heard of the spot? Is there a bench with some plaque? I'm in Florence for one more day and would really love to find this location. Can anybody help?

I’ve never heard of a particular spot with a plaque to commemorate Leonardo. He definitely walked these streets and visited and worked in many of the places you still see today, from Palazzo Vecchio to the area around the Duomo. He started his career in Florence and then moved on to other places for work so there actually aren’t that many works of his left in town.
What if this place was in a quiet spot away from the streets and without a view?
I think you should find a spot you like around a monument or in a piazza you enjoy and just sit and contemplate all of the life and work that has gone into creating the monuments you see. It’s hard to sit in Piazza della Signoria but I personally love studying Palazzo Vecchio and the works of art in front and around it. The same goes for the baptistery and Duomo. It is said both Leonardo and Michelangelo quibbled about the best way to adorn the Duomo and that’s why the decorative cage around it was never actually completed.
Enjoy your last day in Florence, however you spend it!