Day Tour of Tuscany, wineries and towns


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My husband and I are staying in Florence for six days in October 2017. We have a number of things we want to do whilst we are here, but one thing we would like to do is spend a day with a driver being shown around Tuscany, particularly the small towns and perhaps one or two wineries.

We are not seeking an organized tour as such but a private car and driver who could recommend some interesting towns that we could have some free time to roam around for awhile and visit some small wineries with character, not necessarily the big touristy type wineries. It needs to be said that we both enjoy a glass of wine, but are by no means wine buffs.

WE just want to have an enjoyable day to view the beautiful wine region, experience the towns and stop and go as we please. DOes anyone know a reliable and reputable car with driver company who could helps us organize such a day

Thanking you.


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NCC driver in Tuscany


That sounds like a wonderful plan! Have a look at this link which includes several places to consider adding to your itinerary.

You can try contacting Simone at . He is a NCC (which means driver with a car) I have used him in the past and found him to be reliable, professional and he speaks excellent English. If you want to know more about his services, I make reference to him in my blog article about a trip in Lucca I did with friends.

Buon Viaggio,

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