Day trip from Pisa to Florence

Fran Knight

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I have read many thread so know I need to take my day to Florence on Sunday 9th April as we are only having a long weekend in Pisa.
But what is the best way to travel there on a Sunday, bus or train, we are staying right next to the tower in Pisa so will walk to either train station or bus stop.
Thank you in advance for your advice.


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I would take the train from Pisa - you can either get a train from the San Rossore station which takes you to Pisa Centrale station to head on to Florence or just go directly to Pisa Centrale. You can check timetables for your date on


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Train - absolutely


Lourdes is spot on, the train is your best bet for getting to Florence. Even on a Sunday you will find that there are several going back forth at all time, and it is a good price.

There are shuttle buses (at the airport) but then you have to get to the airport which just adds an extra step.

Read here for some general info about traveling by train. The most important thing to remember is if you have a paper ticket (that you bought at an automatic machine or at the ticket office) then you MUST get it time stamped to avoid a fine. Tickets bought online have a QR code and that means no time stamp.

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