Day trip into the countryside starting from Florence

Helen R

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I have the opportunity to create a 1 day itineray for myself and 7 other ladies, we will be driven around in a minibus. Having lived in Rome from 1980-1990 I know there are places where you can get off the beaten track, most guides just want to take us to places that are on their 'list'. We want local knowledge to be able to take us a bit off piste!
Suggestions please, for off piste localites and places to eat.
Thank you.


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Day trip from Florence


It is always so exciting to create an itin - and when you start studying what there is to realize you a week (or two) to do it all.

One of my favorite itins in the Chianti area can be found on this page about Impruneta. The article talks about the little town of Impruneta and then connects to other places in the area, (with appropriate links)

I hope it gives you some fun pointers.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise