Day trips from cinque terre


Hello there. I have been planning this trip with 5 nights in Cinque Terre and 7 nights in Tuscany. Now, in looking at the forum feedback, 5 nights is too long in the CT. So if I can say do day trips out of La Spezia for say 1 or 2 days? where in tuscany can I go by rail that doesnt give us all day travelling. We have allready booked a car to take us into Tuscany on the 6 morning in CT.

Any help here would be appreciated.


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Day Trips from CT


If you are taking a vacation and want to consider it a bit of full immersion, you might find that 5 nights in CT will be quite lovely. With all that time at your disposal you can really relax and enjoy the "feel" of the people, culture and area.

However, if you get a bit bored of the area then you can easily do a train trip to Pisa, so you don't have to visit there while you are on the "Tuscany" part of your journy. Or you could look into a visit to Genoa, the home of Christopher Colombus and much more.

Carrara, well known for its marble, is only a short distance away. And depending on the month that you are visiting Italy you could also look into doing a sailboat trip along the coast of ending up in Genoa or even Portofino.

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Dear Granlie,
what a marvellous period for touring Tuscany! May is one of the best month for travelling to our region, days are getting warmer and longer, I'm sure you're going to enjoy your trip!
I completely agree with Donna, La Spezia is very well connected by train to all the most popular destinations in Tuscany and Liguria, so you'll be able to reach lots of destinations without spending all the day on the train.
Have a look at the trenitalia website (English version at top of page on the right side) for more information about regional and national train timetables and tickets; Carrara and Viareggio, for example, are just less than an hour train trip distant, while Pisa an hour more or less (it mainly depends on the type of train you're going to take).
The choice is up to you then: relax on the Cinque Terre sea or tour around the closeby locations?
Whatever you're going to do, I'm sure it will be a wonderful stay :)

Have a good holiday in Italy