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This forum has been amazing for information regarding my upcoming trip to Florence!

My trip is this June, and I have been unable to find information about hiring a private driver in Tuscany (Florence),at an affordable price. We are 3 females, coming from the Caribbean and have 1.5 days from June 20-21 to explore Tuscany but do not wish to do a group thing with the same route of Sienna-Pisa-San Gimignano. I have searched Tripadvisor, airbnb (activities), and several websites looking for a private driver for hire that would take us to the smaller towns around Sienna. We have even asked the our airbnb hosts if they know of anyone who would be interested in payment for a day's worth of driving 3 tourists around!

Is there any source we could look at or does anyone know of anyone who might be interested in the job? Basically it's from 11am June 20th, 2019 to the following night June 21 with the drop off being our airbnb in Florence.

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There are lots of drivers - you have to search for NCC in Florence - so I imagine you're having trouble on finding one based on budget.

How much would you consider to be affordable/willing to spend? That way I can tell you whether it is possible to find or whether your only option will be to join in group tours.