Dec 4 election


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I will be in Florence on December 4th. Last night my husband and I watched a TV show that was explaining the hotly contested elections that will take place on December 4th - and that Florence might be central to some election debate. . .Is there any possibility of riots, or demonstrations, or strikes in Florence during an election period like this?
Is it true that all Italians have to participate in voting?


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It is a referendum vote on making some changes to the Italian Constitution and while the prime minister, Renzi, is from Florence, and he's for a YES vote and there are a lot of people for the NO vote, we don't foresee any type of strikes or riots or anything violent of that kind. People on that day will have the right to express their decision by voting, so we really foresee a lot of people out voting. I think by the 4th it will be too late to be doing much debating, most people have already made their mind up on how to vote.

If anything, we'll have to see the results and see what happens on the 5th! ;) Anyways, we have mostly seen peaceful demonstrations so far as the referendum is concerned. If Renzi's side loses (the NO vote wins), then there will likely be calls for him to resign, but I doubt that will happen. So we'll see -- but as far as safety in Florence is concerned, I wouldn't worry!!