Detail Itineray - Rome to Florence via Sienain 8 days


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My girlfriend and I have booked to go to Italy in October. We're flying into Rome and flying out of Florence in 8 nights.

The plan is to rent a car in Rome after 2 night there before traveling up and enjoying Tuscany.

The main cities we want to visit are Rome, Siena and Florence but we're interested in ideas for overnight stops/wine tours/places for lunch in between these cities in Tuscany

We're big wine drinkers and would like to spend some time in the Tuscan countryside between staying in the cities.

So far, I know of Orvieto and Montepulciano.


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places to stop


Both a good starts, in fact, I would make Orvieto a pit stop (be sure to try their wines!) and then a night in Montepulciano where you can explore the Vino Nobile wines.

From here you can continue north and visit Cortona which has some pretty spectacular wines or you could head over towards Val d'Orcia.

this article will give you a general overview of wine in the Arezzo area:

One day in or around Siena will include a visit to Brunello country :cool:

One day dedicated to Chianti

I hope this gives you a start of different areas to consider. Once you have narrowed down your itin, let me know and if I have any places that I know or like nearby those stops, I will give you a heads up.

Buon Viaggio,

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Donna Denise

Orvieto to Montepulciano then to Cortona and then to Val d'Orcia and then Brunello territory.

This is truly a zig zag even if one is not drunk on Italian wines!

I would link Orvieto with Cortona and Montepulciano with Brunello but this is a logistical decision but nothing to do with wine choices.

One of my favourite restaurants in Cortona is Il Falconiere ( which apart from wonderful dishes has truly excellent wine.

A lot depends upon OP's price range and wine experience or desires. If Op is from America then local Italian prices are often a fraction of what is common in the US.