Disabled parking in Siena


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Going to Tuscany in a couple of weeks. Based just outside Siena. My husband has a blue badge - I know we can use this in Italy, but are there specific car parks. And do we have to pay at them?


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Handicap Parking


In reading a document issued in July 2014 for Florence and its surround parking lots, it is possible to use the CUDE (a European Certificate for the Disabled) to enter and use parking slots reserved for the handicapped free of charge.

It is importante that when you enter into a parking area that you don't push the button to be issued a parking ticket but that you push the button with an "i" on it for information and that you give the responding operator the information for your disabled permit. If there are any spaces available the operator will give you a code that you can use to insert into the number pad which will allow for free entry and a parking ticket will be issued that you can use for getting out of the parking lot.

Free parking is only available if there is disabled parking slots available.

I hope this helps.

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Great info Donna!! I didn't realize you had to "call" an operator to get the info to get in and out without paying, useful to know ;-)

I've seen all car parks include several spots for disabled visitors, but yes, you will need to check whether there are free spots. As far as street parking, you can park in any spot whether it is marked for disabled or not and show the certificate so that you DON'T have to pay.