Drive from Pisa to Pienza

I'm flying into Pisa with my family (husband, baby, toddler) in the late afternoon (4:00) on a weekday and driving to our hotel in Pienza. My husband has nerves of steel and will do well driving, but I'm not much of one for hairpin turns or extreme traffic. Google presented 3 routes---through Florence, through Sienna, or South along the coast, looping back up through Montalcino.

Supposedly that last route only adds 20 minutes to the trip I'd love to see the sea, but we don't have much time to stop as it will be getting late for the kids.

Those of you who are familiar with the roads--what do you recommend? And, what amount of tolls should I expect?



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No tolls from Pisa to Florence or to Siena or along the coast, all roads that are toll free (except if they make you travel along the A12 for a bit between Pisa and Livorno).

None of these roads will have hairpin turns or extreme traffic (other than maybe around Florence, as you go around the city you might find some more heavy traffic there).

I checked out what Google Maps recommends and it suggests another possibility: from San Miniato, cut down south toward Certaldo, Poggibonsi and then past Siena down on the SS2 into the Crete Senesi and then on to Pienza --
This is the road I would take for scenic views :D

You don't go near Florence or take the fastest route, but definitely enjoy good views along the way.

Along the coast - yes, you'll see the sea at times, but not being able to stop won't let you really enjoy it. I would suggest maybe taking a day trip to the beach once you're settled in and take the kids to enjoy it then! :D