Driving from Florence to Siena

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Ciao - We are driving from Florence to Siena on October 12. We would like to take SR 222 towards Siena. Looking at the route, it seems to disappear past Castellina. What is the best way to use SR222 to Siena - and if we take this route, how long of a drive is it? Are there wine shops/vineyards for tastings, etc., along the way, any restaurants to recommend?

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From Castellina in Chianti to Siena the "Chiantigiana - road nr. 222" does exist. It is a very beautiful road and from Castellina in Chianti to Siena there are about 25 kms. As the Chianti area is not only very beautiful but is also very well known for the wonderful Chianti wine, it is certainly a good idea to make a wine tour (wine tasting) in one of the wine estates (personally I have done a wine tour at Dievole, near Vagliagli, it has been very interesting...


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Wine Tour


I have done the same wine tour at Dievole and it was truly a beautiful experience - and it is right along the road.... give or take a few km of dirt road. Make sure you reserve.

Another - closer to Florence (and you pass right through this area to go to Siena on the 222) is : http://www.tuscanyaccommodation.com/villa-medicea-di-lilliano.html

they offer accommodations - but the wine tour and the tour of the villa, gardens and panoramic terrace are beautiful.

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