Driving from Nice to Tuscany in 2019


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We're planning a stay in Nice this May and would love to drive to visit friends in Tuscany. We need to drive as we have very young children with us.
Does anyone have any up to date information on advice on driving from Nice to Tuscany? The fastest route is via Genoa, but it seems very likely the bridge won't be ready by then...does anyone know if there's still a way through Genoa? Or any advice on alternative routes? We are happy to break up the trip over a few days if we can stay somewhere scenic (and ideally child friendly!)

Many thanks!


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Yes, there are ways around the fallen bridge - here is a mapped route that goes along closer to the port and passes through the city, avoiding the A7 and A10 (marked as E80 on the map). Essentially, the part that fell is the part over the river a bit further north (seen in yellow) as you arrive in Genova close to the center.

You can choose to go direct, or stop in downtown Genova and go to the Aquarium as a stop - it's a lot of fun for kids, how old are they? Otherwise, just a quick stop for lunch or a break and then onward? With small children, if they fall asleep in the car, it is best to keep on going ;) You didn't say how far into Tuscany you have to drive but overall it will be a 4-5 hour drive total.

Safe travels!