Drove into Zone A on Sunday


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Hi guys,

New to the forum and to your beautiful city if Florence.

Yesterday in confusion my partner and I mistakenly drove to our hotel which is within the ZTL Zone A but on a Sunday.

The information online is rather conflicting with websites stating that Zone A is completely off limits whilst others stating that as long as it's Sunday the ZTL is open.

Looking forward to your comments and fingers crossed we didn't get any fines!
Ciao! I know the info can be confusing, but the ZTL area which includes zona A, B and O has the same hours for all of them, and for all of them the ZTL is "off" on Sundays (unless you were driving in the middle of the night, the "summer" ZTL hours extend Saturdays night from 11pm to Sunday 3am). If you drove in on a Sunday during the day, you should be fine as far as the ZTL goes. As long as you didn't use any reserved lanes for ambulances, taxis and buses, which are off limits at all times, or went into the pedestrian only area between Piazza Pitti and Ponte Vecchio -- those areas are completely off limits, the rest of the A zone follows the hours as far ZTL goes.