Duomo and Baptistry in Florence


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Planning a trip to Florence in March during Holy Week. Would like to visit the Duomo, Dome, and Baptistry on March 23 2016 (Wednesday). I would like to book tickets for entry to both ahead of time, but the website for the Museum of the Opera is a little confusing at times. I see that a ticket is valid for 5 sites, including Dome and Baptistry (15 Euros) and I am able to purchase tickets for that date. However, there is a small notation that tickets are only good for 6 days after purchase date, which means that the tickets i bought will be invalid. Is that the case for these tickets.



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It is a badly translated phrase on their part (probably from the third party providing the ticketing service).

What they mean to really say is that since you need to indicate a date to book, FROM THAT DATE, you have 6 days to use the voucher to enter the sites. It won't be valid after 6 days, but it also means you have leeway as far as the date you can "activate" the pass since it is valid for 24 hours from the moment you use it the first time. If you do have the time and energy, make sure to include a visit to the recently reopened Museo dell'Opera del Duomo where you can see many of the original masterpieces from the cathedral, bell tower and Baptistery up close. This includes a Pieta' by Michelangelo and a beautifully haunting Mary Magdalene carved in wood by Donatello.