Enjoying tuscany near Vicchio


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Together with my family we 'll go to enjoy Tuscany for three weeks. I love to mountain bike, hike and enjoy scenery, wildlife and nature.

I have found the bicycle rental places you already advised in Florence, but do you have alternatives a bit nearer to Vicchio/ Borgo San Lorenzo?
What directions do you suggest from Vicchio onwards to enjoy riding without too much traffic? How is the hiking in the Casentinesi national park?
And the last one: where can I enjoy some good wine tasting :D?

Thanks a lot,

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Holidays in Mugello

Dear Tom,

the area near Borgo San Lorenzo and Vicchio is very beautiful and wild and is perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking and biking, as well as all Mugello.

I suggest you visit the official website of Mugello, where you can find lots of information such as itineraries by mountain bike and rental shops, hiking itineraries and many other useful information.

Regarding hiking in the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests there are 600 km of paths both for hiking and biking. Unfortunately the official website of the park doesn't provide English itineraries. By the way this is the link to the Italian website for itineraries in the park, that come with GPS track, cartography and altitude profile. I suggest you go to the nearest visitor center of the park and ask for maps and itineraries in English.

Regarding wine tasting in Mugello, the most famous Tuscan wine is certainly Chianti wine, that has 7 different denominations according to the area. Chianti Classico is the most renowned.

Near Mugello is produced the good Chianti Rufina. In San Piero a Sieve there is Osteria di San Piero that organizes wine tastings. Nearby there is Podere Fortuna producing Pinot Noir Tuscany. The Podere was a property of the Medici family and has been producing wine since the 15th century.
Otherwise if you want to do wine cellars tour and wine tastings of Chianti Rufina you can contact Fattoria il Lago, a farmhouse near Dicomano.

Another idea can be planning a day trip for wine tasting in Chianti and visit another beautiful area of Tuscany ;)

Hope you fine these suggestions helpful. Don't hesitate to come back with other questions


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Thanks for the hints. As I speak a little :rolleyes: Italian, I can get and use the itineraries. Many thanks for your good hints!!