Etruscan necropolis


I'm interested to visit some Etruscan Necropolis during my stay in Toscana.

Please inform where are located them in Tuscany and if it's possible to visit.



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lots of Etruscan sites in Tuscany

Ciao Manoel,

The most important Etruscan necropolis in Tuscany are in Populonia and Vetulonia along the coast near Livorno and Grosseto but there are many, many others in the area. This area is referred to as the "Etruscan Coast" given the number of archaeological sites found and one of the parks is even called "Park of the Etruscans".

I've been to both, and thus recommend visiting both Vetulonia and Populonia if you're interested in the necropolis. They were major Etruscan cities and thus have several tombs sites. Here you can read much more details about each:

Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia


If you want to visit other necropolis/Etruscan centers in the area, this page has a lot of information on all of the various necropolis in the area closer to Vetulonia. Some are very small but you can read about them ahead of time to determine whether you'd want to visit them or not.

Another site I recommend is Roselle near Grosseto, a very interesting Etruscan archaeological area with an amphitheater, a large section of the walls that surrounded the town still standing, a few tombs and some mosaics still visible. Roselle is a pretty large site.

Cortona also has many Etruscan archaeological sites outside the town. The extra-urban route contains the "tumuli del sodo" with tombs. You can learn more about the park and the sites here:

Hope these are enough suggestions for visiting Etruscan sites - they are the major ones and the ones I've actually visited so if you have any questions let me know and I'll try my best to answer them.


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A in a "city of the dead"? That sounds fascinating! I would love more information too as I am going to be traveling to the area before long.