Family accomodation for 4 nights and itinerary suggestion


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Hi , we will be arriving in Tuscany in September and we will be hiring a car. I've reviewed some old posts on your forum and it appears that staying in Chianti would be a great base to venture out to the surrounding towns. We like the idea of staying in a medieval village with views, as after a day of sight seeing we could spend the afternoons walking around Chianti, dine at restaurants etc.

Could you recommend a bnb style accomodation for a family of 4 in Chianti? Also how would our experience differ if we were to base ourselves in San Gimignano instead?

If it's ok to ask one more question, what itinerary would you suggest for 4 days? E.g. D1 , Siena, D2, Florence, D3, ?, D4, ?

Thank you so much, Di


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This B&B offers a great position and a unique breakfast solution, leaving you free to organize your day as you please:

However, if everyone is big enough to have their own rooms then you might also want to look at this solution:

San Gimignano is great, I have actually stayed overnight there and totally enjoyed the experience. But was only for one night, and I am not sure if I would have found it as romantic after 4 nights. Maybe you could split your time two nights in one place and two nights in SG ?

as for your itin, D1 Siena, D2 countryside (Chianti and area) D3 Florence (I did the roof top tour, and it was great!) D4 (day trip SG and Volterra).

Buon Viaggio,
Donna Denise