Family holiday to Italy


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We are 3 generations of Indians, visiting Italy in the month of July. The oldest are around 65 years old, while the youngest are 8 years old.
We would like to spend a few days in Tuscany. Please help with:
How many days are sufficient?
Places we'd certainly like to visit are: Florence & Pisa.
Activities: Sightseeing, cycling, trekking. Adventure sports (if any, for the older members of the group)
What other destinations in Tuscany should we add to our list.

Thanks so much!!


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Family in Tuscany

Buongiorno -

What a wonderful experience - the whole family in Tuscany.

You should definitely consider one full day in Florence (not including any museums) and when you visit Pisa maybe combine it with Lucca which will definitely offer something for everyone (historical sites, biking the wall, name it!)

A trip to Siena might just be something that is enjoyable for everyone together.

I have been planning an adventure for my 14 year nephew and found this place - which would be appealing to all ages:

and you can check out the nearby villa:

Buon Viaggio