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Hello there!!!

I am travelling in Rome in August and I need some info on the fashion outlets in Tuscany.
If someone can help me I need the following info:
1) How to get a train from Rome to Tuscany
2) How to get from the train station in Tuscany to the outlets
3) Best outlets in Tuscany
4) How long to go from one outlet to the the other



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Visiting Fashion Outlets in Tuscany

Hello Roberto and Welcome to the Forum!!
Tuscany is indeed the right place for fashion outlets!
I'm happy to help you.

Tuscany is rather a large region, the major and fastest trains running from Rome arrive to Florence's Santa Maria Novella train station, the main station in the city. You might have a look at some useful information on how to get to Tuscany by train at this link:
As for the fashion outlets, there are actually a lot of them in Tuscany, especially in the area around Florence; but I would surely suggest two fashion outlets that are worth visiting since they feature a lot of shops together and the best brands, the first is the McArthurGlenn Barberino Outlet, north of Florence, easily accessible with a shuttle service from Florence Santa Maria Novella train Station.
Another very good one is The Mall in Reggello, again near Florence, with other many famous brands. It can be easily reached both by bus or train, still from Florence's SMN train station.
You can find all info here:
One last fashion outlet I'd recommend is the Valchiana Outlet Village located near Arezzo, that you can reach by bus from Arezzo's train station:

The Barberino Outlet and the Mall are near each other, so it will take just a short journey from one outlet to the other, the Valchiana Oulet Village is a bit further, you have to take a train from Florence to Arezzo, but it's a short time anyway.

If you need some more suggestions or help please contact me again:)

Enjoy your outlet tours!


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Dear Elena,

many thnx for your detailes reply.

I am interested in going to outlets where I can get major Italian brands such as Gucci and Armani in low prices.
I know there is one outlet for D&G only and one for PRADA. What do you think? These are good?

Also, are you aware if there is going to be SALE in the regular shops in Rome during 06/08-11/08/11?

many thnx


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Major Italian brands in Florence outlets

Dear Roberto,
thanks for coming back to the forum:)
At the Barberino Outlet north of Florence, in addition to Prada and D&G, you can find other major and prestigious Italian brands like Missoni, Ferrè, Blumarine, Trussardi.
For a complete list of all the featured brands, you can have a look at this link:
However, at The Mall in Reggello, again very near Florence, you can be sure to find more major Italian brands like indeed Armani, Gucci, Valentino, Fendi, Cavalli, Tod's and many others; all at bargain prices; here is the link for more details:

Sales in regular shops in Rome and in the rest of Italy will start around the first week of July and will go on at least for all August.

I'll be here for any other info you may need,
Have a nice day!


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I was looking at the Mall and it really looks amazing.
My question is: The shops are outlets?

Also, I am thinking of taking the train from Rome to Florence. How far is the mall from the train station??



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D&G and Prada Oultets in Tuscany

Ciao Roberto,
As you will see, The Mall is a huge shopping centre full of small and big shops where you can buy at discounted rates.
You can reach The Mall either by train or by bus from Florence's SMN station.
You might just take the train to Rignano Sull’Arno (around 40 minutes distance), and once there you can quickly reach the outlet by taxi in 5 minutes.
Or, if you prefer, you might take the SITA bus from Florence ( in Via Santa Caterina da Siena) and reach the Mall in about 30 minutes.

The Prada Outlet is located in Montevarchi; I suggest you reach it by train from Florence SMN and get off in Montevarchi station, from there you can take a taxi.

I suggest you reach the D&G outlet from The Mall in Reggello by taking a taxi.

You can find all detailed information at this useful link:

Again, enjoy your shopping time in Tuscany!