Firenze card reservartion


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Hello, I wanted to make a reservation in June the 25th at the Academy Gallery and I've noticed there are no appointments available. Is it possible that if I buy the Firenze Card and call them I can access the Academy that day although they say there are no places letf?. I've checked the Firenze card website and I believe that is the case, but it is not clear.

"Please note: after choosing the language, wait even if the initial automatic message specifies that visit availability is not available for the desired day; press 3 for bookings with Firenzecard and 1 for consent to the processing of personal data."

I don´t understand that: Are there places available only for Firenzecard users on that day, but not for the rest of people whitout firenzecard, or there is no place for anyone?

I appreciate if anyone could explain that.

Thanks a lot
YES, most definitely there are spaces reserved for Firenze Card holders that go beyond the numbers set for direct bookings.
Have you tried to book by phone or just online? Because there are set numbers for each channel, so before buying the Firenze Card, try calling.
The number is +39-055-294-883 and, if there are still spots left, you can book that way.

If there aren't, then consider the Firenze Card - because as you read on the FC website, they do have separate entry quotas for the FC holders.