Firenzecard questions


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My wife and I will be in Florence for the first time March 18-26. We purchased 2 Firenzecards and have some questions:
1) We understand the card allows for 3 consecutive days use and 2 more days can be added for Restart. Are there suggestions for the other 3 days we have? A different pass/card or other approach?
2) It is unclear whether attractions in the Duomo cathedral are included. Mixed messages online. Thinking of the baptistery, opera museum and Bell tower. Any current information on this?
3) We May take a day trip to Pisa. The Firenzecard offers a discount for this trip. Would that be included as one of the Firenzecard days? If not can it be booked after all 5 days of card use are completed?

Thanks for any help, it seems difficult to find these answers online. Our hotel also had no answers to these questions.
Ciao Andy,

Since I'm assuming you will also want to spend some days roaming other locations around the region - such as San Gimignano, Chianti wine country, Siena and the Val d'Orcia and Pisa, to name a few - I would suggest you make a list of what you want to see and do and try to plan for doing Florence all at once, then mix in the other places either at the start or end. Also try to not include Monday in Florence considering Uffizi and Accademia are closed on Mondays. Also consider the Restart can only be activated after the first 72 hours have passed, so you can also do 3 days at the start, then do 2 days at the end. They don't have to be 5 days all together at the same time.

As for the Duomo attractions, I just checked and they have been taken off! I had not realized that, I will update our own page on the Firenze Card to reflect this. I imagine this has been the case since the Duomo reopened all with their new tickets last year, so it means you will need to purchase a separate pass for those.

It seems the special offers just say you need to show your Firenze Card to those other vendors to show you bought it, there is no mention that it has to be currently active. So I imagine you can book the day trip to Pisa and show your card to get the discount and that's it, so you can plan to do those things on days when you are not planning to be in Florence to see the other sites included in the pass.
Ciao Andy,
I'm looking and reading all over the Firenze Card website to make updates on our article and it seems to me, from what I'm reading in the FAQ, that the special offers are reserved for the FirenzeCard+ (the plus) and that option is not currently being offered. Since you already purchased the cards, did you also load them up on the app? does the app let you see whether the offers are for you or have you already tried booking the tour with the special offer? It just isn't that clear whether the offers and discounts are for everyone or only for the + option.