First time to Italy


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Hi all, my wife and I will be travelling to Italy in June 2019. It will be our first trip to Eurpoe. Will be going for 2 weeks and using Florence as home base. Our priorities are Rome (flying in and staying no more than 2 days), Florence (home base), Tuscany wineries, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Siena, Venice (one long day trip). Knowing this what suggestions do you have? We would like to spend several days in Cinque Terre. My wife and I like out of the way smaller places. What is the best way to find accommodations? We don't need large luxury hotels. Thanks for all your help.


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First time in Tuscany


That sounds like a very ambitious program yet complete, hitting many of the main stops in Tuscany.

Be sure to reserve some time for Florence, the city is amazing and magical not to mention it has a wealth of museums and monuments.

I also suggest that you calculate some downtime, just a couple of days to enjoy the atmosphere and with that idea maybe you would want to stay in the countryside. Perhaps you would like staying in the countryside just outside of Cinque Terre have a look at this link:

As you plan your itin, you might enjoy adding Lucca to the day you go out to Pisa and an extra day exploring Val d'Orcia, just a bit south of Siena.

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