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Hello, I'm new to the forum and excited! Hopefully I can manage to this right! It's our 25th wedding anniversary and we are traveling with daughter 12, niece 20, and nephew 15. (some honeymoon). we are
staying from June 9th- June 16th. after spending a week in Spain. I really want to take us to Naples and Pompeii..can we do that in one day? then travel to Flornece on Saturday morning... technically we have satruday to spend in Flrorence and go out on Sunday and Monday..really want to see Pisa, San Giogmno, chianti. wishful thinking? What should we do to get the best of Tuscany. please help me! we are soooo lost.


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Travelling with the kids

Buongiorno -

these are some lucky kids getting to travel with you on your honeymoon! I am going to guess that you are travelling into Florence by train - so you probably won't have a car in Tuscany. Which is OK, there is still lots you can do without a car.

If you are interested in any Museums, be sure to book ahead - - but after Pompeii and Naples AND a train ride, you might just enjoy roaming the city streets and taking in the markets, the sights, the sounds and the gelato. There is plenty to see without setting foot into a museum or church.

Have a look at this three day itin for Tuscany. It doesn't include Pisa but it does include many of the highlights. Pisa is a beautiful place to visit - however once you have seen the tower you have pretty much seen most of Pisa and having said this you might enjoy your time more at other places. For example, if you have any "Twilight" fans in the group they might like Volterra more than Lucca - just an idea.

For more info on day trips from Florence you can check out this link: Top Day Trips in Tuscany

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