Florence Airport to Siena and Siena to Florence city center


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In April, we (two of us) will be spending one week based in Siena then two days in Florence. Flying in and out of Florence. We've read all the forum posts that we could find related to transport Florence Airport to Siena, and Siena to Florence city, but still not sure of best methods. We are not sure if we are going to rent car, but if we do, probably for only a few days while in Siena. We're wondering if taking the bus to Siena after overnight flight from US will be too much of a hassle with all our luggage, etc. since we'd have to get from Airport to bus station. We've read that taxi or car hire to Siena is an option if you are willing to pay (which we might be) and that sounds like it could really be nice, but it's not clear what it would cost or how to arrange. Advice?


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Ciao Glenn,

If you're arriving from the US, you will be tired so I wouldn't suggest driving as soon as you arrive.

A solution could be this: arrive in Florence and spend your first day and night in Florence downtown. That way from the airport you could either catch a taxi (fixed cost is 20 euros plus 1 euro per bag) and then the next day catch either the bus or train to Siena, renting the car in Siena for those days you want it or need it to drive around Tuscany. Spend your last day in Florence.

If in Siena you choose to stay out of the historical center at a place that offers parking, you could also rent the car in Florence and drive down, that way you also get to see the Chianti countryside on your way down. The car rental agencies in downtown Florence are all around the Borgo Ognissanti area to the south of the SMN train station - take a look here for more details.

Renting a taxi to get you to Siena on the first day would run around 120 euros. It is what the So.Co.Ta. taxi company in Florence quotes as sample fares from Florence to Siena that you can find here.
I'd imagine a car with driver would run around the same - for both, you'd have to get in touch before and set up pickup and a set price for their services.