Florence in August?


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My husband and I were thinking about doing a few days in Florence at the end of August but I keep hearing conflicting info about what it will be like. Is it a good time to go or will it just be full of tourists with all the locals fled to the beaches? And will restaurants and shops etc be open? I've tried to find some festival type events that will be on but can't seem to find any.

We're open to going elsewhere in Italy if anyone has any other suggestions of where would be better?

All help and suggestions welcome!

Tante grazie!!


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Florence in August


Even with the Florentines emptying out the streets of Florence - it is still a spectacular sight to behold. The natives might be heading for the beaches or to cool off in the mountains but trust me when I say that the restaurants and shops will still be open as well as the museums, exhibitions and lots of events.

Some of us even laugh - because we think August is the BEST time to visit Florence :cool:

You can look at this article for an idea of what is going on, and as we get closer to August it will be updated with ideas for 2016. One thing to remember about the Italians is that they have lots of stuff going on….but they normally wait till the last minute to let you know.


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