Florence in June 2015


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We will arrive in Florence 6/19 around noon & leaving 6/24. We have tickets for the Uffizi Gallery 6/20 and the Accademia Gallery 6/23. Where do you recommend we take our 14 year old granddaughter who is interested in art? Thank you for your help.


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14 year Granddaughter


Kparis has a good idea when she suggests that you look into the churches. Most people don't realize how many famous artists left masterpieces in the Church. Many of the churches will have bi lingual signs that direct you to the famous pieces to even if you don't have a guide book you will find them. Another interesting thing is to look at all the tombs in the churches - not only are the sculptured monuments an important part of art history ... but your Granddaughter just might like finding the place where some of the famous people she has been learning about have their final resting place....I know for me, it was amazing to see where Machevelli was :eek:

Top on my list would be: Santa Croce - beautiful afrescos, Santa Maria Novella (near train station) - even the architecture makes art here, San Miniato above Piazzale Micheangelo - my absolute favorite church with the monumental cemetary and the crypt - and definitely (a new discovery for me) Ognisanti. Be sure to visit the "Cenacolo" next door which is the forerunner to the famous "Last Supper" in Milan.... The Duomo is always a must so I didn't list it -

If you really want to make it special - you might want to try a personalized guided tour, something that will make a mix of everything but really gear it up for your Granddaughter - Elena is very special and will do an excellent job!

BUT - whatever you do, I am sure you wil create the most wonderful memories for her (and yourself)


Buon Viaggio


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Excellent ideas

I appreciate the excellent ideas and will check the opening times so on both the museums and the churches. Their are so many options, it has been difficult to pick and chose. I think the grand parents may be more excited than our granddaughter.