Florence - June 2020


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My family (me, husband, daughters 13, 12, and 10) will be staying in Florence arriving Saturday June 27 in the afternoon and leaving Tuesday June 30 in the morning. We have booked a place to stay and my daughters have found a map with all the gelato shops so everything is planned in their eyes.

I am wondering more about museums as we will really only have Sunday and Monday to explore, are most museums closed on Mondays? My understanding is it is best to purchase tickets in advance to avoid the long lines, is it necessary to purchase those now or how far in advance? Do they sell out of advance tickets for purchase?

Also, what would be best to do our first night there? Should we try to do a museum Saturday night if one is open late?

Lastly, it will be my daughters 14th birthday while we are in Florence, what restaurant would you recommend for us to celebrate at? If needed I want to make a reservation and arrange for a birthday dessert of some type.

Appreciate the suggestions!
Celebrating in Florence


If going to the museums is important - and you want to extend the attention span of any young adult, booking ahead (and not having to wait in line) would be beneficial.

However, I suggest that instead of looking at the more traditional museums - you might want to check into Palazzo Vecchio, especially the special tours (normally at no extra cost, and in English) where they can explore hidden corners of the building while viewing some of Florence's most impressive art.

Another personal favorite of mine, which isn't closed on Mondays, is the Opera del Duomo, again you will see some great famous artists, yet the movement of the museum should be more appealing to a set of young eyes (not to mention the stupendous Terrace that gets you up close and personal with the Duomo!)

As for a Birthday treat - how about considering a night of making pizza and gelato together? I know when my young nieces and nephews came to visit me, making their own pizzas with a real "pizzaiolo" was a super treat! - This is nice too because we already know gelato is a must taste!

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Not all museums are closed on Mondays especially the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, is open from 9am-7:30pm on Monday. This museum boasts of a beautiful collection of Renaissance masterpieces.and is the second largest museum in Florence.