Florence to Barberino Val D'elsa- Car/driver service, taxi, or car rental


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We are arriving to Florence on Thursday and visiting friends in Barberino Val D'elsa (for a wedding) till Sunday and need advice for transportation planning. What is the most cost effective option?

We would like to have transportation to and from the town of Barberino Val D'elsa. (the hotel quoted us 100 euros, which seems very pricey, just for a pick up on arrival day) We also like to do some site seeing in Florence area and local areas during off time from wedding activities. Would renting a car be cheaper and more convenient than hiring a taxi or driver?

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Yes, being driven into the countryside will not be too cheap either by private transfer or taxi. Most will drive out of Florence (and then have the return trip so they add part of that in their calculations).

Is your hotel in the town of Barberino or in the countryside out of the town? Because there are BUSES that go down from Florence and pass through Barberino, so that is another alternative to car rental or the private driver. Just keep in mind that bus schedules aren't great, even worse on the weekends and this is the reason why we often will recommend car rental for Chianti area and other parts of Tuscany. And it isn't a great alternative if you are not within the town limits....

Here's a map showing the bus route and timetable - https://goo.gl/maps/kxbyYaNsmWt
Plug in dates and times to see more - the bus schedules have been integrated well by Google.

Another possibility is take train to Poggibonsi and from there take a taxi to Barberino, it isn't that far and thus the fare should be less. Ask the hotel for the local taxi numbers for Poggibonsi.