Florence to San Gimignano and then to Siena


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I'm trying to figure out how to go to San Gimignano from Florence (by bus or train) and the next day to Siena. I found an article in your site but the link for the 130 bus line, that the article says is bus for San Gimignano, doesn't exist. I found this site http://www.tiemmespa.it/ but again there is no timetable, although there is a search function. Is this the best available way to travel to and from San Gimgnano or is there another better way? I'm asking only for public transportation options.

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in our article

we suggest that you take the bus Florence to San Gim:

click here: https://www.busfox.com/timetable/

and put in this two places - all the searches that came up for me required a change in Poggibonsi:
FIRENZE AUTOSTAZIONE, Via Luigi Alamanni, Firenze
PORTA SAN MATTEO, Via Niccolò Cannicci, San Gimignano

from San Gim to Siena you will want to look for bus 130/Di, which will be the most direct route:

6:05 am / 8:50 am / 9:45 am / 10:45 am / 11:50 am / 2:40 pm / 3:40 pm / 4:55 pm / 6:35 pm & 7:40 pm

all leave from San Gim and go to Siena Via Tozzi. The run is about one hour long. and these times are good from Mon-Sat. - not Sunday or Holidays.

We advise that you keep an eye on the schedule, these buses are not just for the visitors to the area but for the people who live here - so some of them will have a much longer itin in order reach those far out places - and some will be much faster and direct.

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The timetables DO exist but you need to click on "mostra altri" in the middle part to see the full list.
Here's the page: http://www.tiemmespa.it/index.php/Viaggia-con-noi/Orari-e-linee/Siena/Extraurbano

The "calcula percorso" function on the site sends you to busfox.com which is what Donna used. It does indicate the bus lines and times you need but Google Maps (using the public transport tab) also gives you timetables for local buses. That's another useful feature to know about if you're planning to use buses and trains while in Tuscany ;-).