Four Days in Tuscany


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I am flying in and out of Pisa in June for Four days with my son. Want to get the best experience of Tuscany. We are going to travel by train. I have not booked accommodation yet - I was thinking of basing ourselves in Pisa and then taking day trips or is it best to book the first night in Pisa and then book as we go - is it easy to find places? Where do you recommend we visit - I am thinking Florence and Siena! Any advice would be appreciated - thanks!


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What time do you arrive in Pisa? if in the late afternoon, then i recommend stay the night there and use the rest of the day to visit Pisa, and the move on to Florence and use it as your base for the remaining days. How old is your son? If this is your first time in Tuscany, I'd suggest then spending 2 full days in Florence and the last fourth day in Siena, all are easy to get to with train and bus (suggest bus from Florence to Siena since it drops you closer to the center).

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Take the itineraries as suggestions of a whole bunch of choices, not as a schedule that needs following ;-)