free parking just outside Florence


Two more questions

Thanks for your answer, Lourdes.
After reading your posts, I decided to hire at Sansovino because Borgo di Ognissanti is in ZTL, isn't it? So if I pick the car there, then I will have to enter the ZTL to return the car. It would be a justified entering, but I do not want to face risk of being fined, if rental car service does not notify authorities. As the idea would be hiring for three days and returning every evening to Florence, when car rental offices are already closed, I think it is more important to find a suitable parking. And following your suggestions, Sansovino parking seems great. Anyway, as I will have to reach the parking from the apartment those three mornings, it is not a big difference going to Sansovino one more day, the day I hire the car. In fact, if I hire and park in Sansovino it would be easier to return the car. Am I mad?
I have two questions regarding this, it would be great if you could answer me them:
1. According to their web sites, the Sansovino parking address is EXACTLY the same (Vía del Sansovino, 53) than the Sansovino Hertz office seems to have. Do you know if this is true? Do they share the same space? I have managed to find the Hertz office using Google Street View, but I have been unable to find the parking, unless they are together. Believe me, I have even written to the parking company with the questions (a friend has helped me to translate it into italian) "do you share space with Hertz?" and "Do you think I could find free space easily? Can I book ahead?". They have answered but, amazingly, they have not answered my main question. They just have told me this:
l' auto la puo' lasciare in sosta il tempo che vuole (€. 12.00 ogni 24 H ), non importa prenotare,nessuna agevolazione con Hertz posto tranquillo, il numero civico e' il 53.​

2. Is it safe to go from the parking to our apartment on foot? I mean at night, around 21:00 or maybe 22:00. Google Maps states it would be a 25 minutes walk, that it not too much, but I am worried about it being dangerous somehow. If we have to get the tram it would absolutely ok, it is just wondering if we could save some money. :)
Thanks in advance. I write looong and boring messages because I want you to have all the relevant information in case you are so kind to reply. Sorry!


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Ciao again!

Sorry, I had missed the questions on Sansovino - yes, the Hertz agency is RIGHT next to the parking lot. There are just 2 different driveways in, the first is the lot, the next is Hertz.
This is the site for the lot:
No need to book ahead, there are 190 spaces so think you will be fine in finding parking.

It does make sense to rent from there, if you also park there at night ;) When you go to rent you can scope the place out!

You can walk back to the apartment at night, no worries about safety - most of Florence is very safe and there is always people around. I would just avoid going into dark alleys or side streets that are not well lit.

You could also rent from an agency in Borgo Ognissanti - going out the first day no problems as the car is already in... park at Sansovino, return the car the last day and MAKE sure the license plate is communicated to the authorities. They often do it as process to check the car back in, unless there are problems with the system.
BUT overall, it just seem simpler to rent from Hertz! :)


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Where to stay for a night outdise of Florence


My girlfriend and I are planning to visit Florence at the begging of September.
As i understood we should leave our rental car outside of Florence. We thought of place called Galluzzo,
and take a bus from there to the city. What are the working hours of local transpiration from Florence back to Galluzzo. Another question is where should we stay for a night - in Florence or Galluzzo ?

Thank you in advance,


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Hi everybody from Greece

We are visiting florence with motorcycles
on 1/6/17 and i need to ask about parking
How safe is to park in public road?
Are moto stealing a big problem there?
Any suggestion for safe and guarded parking places?
How about the prices for paid parking?
Our apartment is in
Via Rubaconte da Mandello
so we need something nearby
thanks a lot