From Monterosso to Rapale via Pisa and Lucca in one day - I'm a newbie to the Forum


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Hi to all at the Forum. I am a newbie and enjoy reading all about Tuscany. It is very unselfish of all of you to volunteer your time and talent to help us all - esp. me. Thank you in advance.

I need some help planning and I will try to keep to one topic per post.

Background: My husband and I are travelling to Tuscany in mid September as part of a larger trip.
After 3 days in Venice, we train to Cinque Terre (Monterosso) 2 days, then via Pisa and Lucca, drive to an Agritourismo in Rapale for 5 days where we can do day trips, and finally drop off car at Florence Airport prior to staying in Florence for 3 days.

If I haven't confused everyone yet, I need some help. Perhaps Lourdes, or someone else can please assist?

I need help with the details for this planned day:

Coming from Monterosso, we want to:
-Store luggage at a Pisa train station
-See Field of Miracles in Pisa
-Take transportation to Lucca and see Lucca (no bags)
-Return to Pisa to get the luggage from the train station
-Get to Pisa Airport/ Hertz to pick up our bags
-Travel to Agritourismo in Rapale and arrive around 8:30pm same night.

1. Can we check bags at both stations in Pisa (Centrale or San Rossore) or only one?
2 Supposedly Centrale closes at 21:00 hours. How late for San Rossore which is closer to Field of Miracles?
3. Leaving on Sept. 13 from Monterossa, can we stop at San Rossore or not? I can't seem to find info on Trentalia?
4. After seeing the tower in Pisa, we want to take the bus near the Field of Miracles to Lucca. Do you know when the busses return to Lucca?
5. If we got stuck in Lucca without a bus, can we take a train to Pisa ? How long do they usually run?
6. What is best way to get to Pisa Airport for a Hertz rental pickup? I read that the train won't be running due to construction, so it's either a bus or a cab...?
Then, we're off to Rapale!

PS We thought about getting the car in La Spezia, but on a Saturday, it's only open for three hours. Also, a cab is needed to get to the Hertz. Then, we would have to drive and find parking in Pisa and Lucca with a car and we're thinking that the train/bus might be better??

Thank you for all your help and hoping that I can return the favor upon our return.