From Siena to Florence through Chianti by bus


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Hello! We've just had a terrible experience with a rental car company (they couldn't find our reservation...!) and we are on the road at this moment by bus from Florence to San Gimignano and from there we are planing to go to Siena and back to Florence through Chianti. Could someone help us how can we do this by bus? I read on internet that we have to go back to Florence from Siena directly and from Florence to Chianti. Is it possible to avoid this back and forth situation and go from Siena to Florence via Chianti villages? We are in little trouble, so any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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Buses in Chianti


First off, I know I am answering this late and it won't be of much help to the writer because they have already been there (done that)

However, it could be interesting for others attempting to cover Tuscany by bus. To start with, some areas in Tuscany are very well covered and you can move from province to province seamlessly, never knowing you traveled across a border.

Unfortunately, one of the most famous areas in all of Tuscany is not included in the above scenario... and that's Chianti. :(

Buses that leave from Florence do not go through the small towns of Chianti ending up in Siena, you will always be forced to change buses, specifically between Greve and Radda in Chianti, and even then there are very few connecting runs by either bus. This may not be a large problem if you are actually planning on staying in Chianti for at least one night, but if your idea is to go to Siena, have time to visit and then return via Chianti - it is not very convenient.

Alternatives include taking an organized tour or maybe even a leisurely bike ride, which will give you the small towns, time to take photos, visit vineyards and see the landscape.

Maybe if you read through this article you will, especially the getting to Greve, find some few helpful tips about traveling Chianti by Bus. Another article whihc can offer some good pointers is this one:

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