From Siena to Montalcino by car


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I'm planning to travel from Firenze to Montalcino by car. Which route should I choose to see the best views of Tuscany from Siena to Montalcino? Google map shows me two ways (via SS223 or SR2). Which one will be better?


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The SR2 for sure - it is the best way to get there. The other one has nice views but is a major road, actually being widened from 2 to 4 lanes... it has good views for parts, but to get to Montalcino that would be a really roundabout way to get there, much longer.... If you were heading south after Montalcino, I would recommend to follow that road up to Monte Amiata - good views as you go up and then back down.


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needs help for tuscany tour

Thank you for giving me great information!
I was planning to follow that road up to Abbey of Sant'Antimo. I didn't know about Monte Amiata.
I want to follow your recommendation eagerly, but I'm not sure time will be enough.
How about Abbey of San'Antimo?

Actually, I made a reservation for lunch and winery tour at Castello Banfi.
Do you think 6-year old girl might like this winery tour?
I'm not sure which one will be better, between having 1-hour winery tour or having more free time in Mont'alcino.

I'm sorry to bother you with so many questions, but could I ask one more question?
I saw your answers regarding Firenze tour with kids on the forum.
Would you let me know some shopping places in Firenze for children's clothing (I want Italian brand~) or toys?
I searched for this information on the internet thoroughly, but all I found was just "Disney Store".
It might be a strange question, where on earth do parents who live in florence buy kids' clothing?
Please help me..

Thank you again for your kind consideration and quick reply.


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Ciao again!

I definitely do recommend to see the Abbey of Sant'Antimo, but just head down to it from Montalcino, it is about 15 minutes away or less. The drive is also really beautiful, it is wine country with lots of vineyards.

Castello Banfi is definitely further down - if you're doing the tour on that same day, then of course it would make more sense to take the longer road from below and then head back north, considering the time you have to be there. I've never been to that particular winery, just passed by and it certainly looked like a beautiful area and wine estate. I am sure it is perfectly fine for a 6 year old girl - the tour of the winery showing how grapes are used to make wine is pretty interesting! Then you can head up to Montalcino, which is a really small town, so I think you can stop first at the abbey and then head on to Montalcino. Will you then return to Siena for the night or stay there?

As far as shopping in Florence for kids, it really depends on your budget! there are some really nice shops downtown with kids clothes, from the Benetton stores to the Sara department store that has a whole floor dedicated to children's clothes. As far as toys, there are a few wooden toy stores in the area near Palazzo Vecchio, I believe one is on Via del Corso heading toward the Bargello and the other on the small street called Via dell'Anguillara between Palazzo Vecchio and Piazza Santa Croce.
A small shop with neat toys in on Via dei Neri called Froufrou divided by age, as well as candy. Then there is Citta' del Sole on the corner of Via delle Oche and Via dello Studio. But the really big toy store Italians always head to for toys is called Dreoni and that's on Via Cavour as you head from the Duomo, the Palazzo Medici Riccardi and then toward Piazza San Marco.

There are many other shops that do carry children's clothes as well as toys - you'll see them, they are all in the area, small shops and as you sightsee just make sure to do window shopping as well :)

If I think of any more, I'll come back and post!