From Siena to San Gimignano by train?


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last spring we (my husband and I) were hiking in Tuscany and delighted so much with San Gimignano (had only one hour there :( )

In the end of March we'll travelling again in Italy and then we'll live one week in Siena. Is it possible to go to San Gimignano by train or by bus from Siena? If there must change trains, where? And should we book the tickets beforehand?

I'd be pleased if someone can give an information about the public transport timetables in Siena area as well. Thanks and nice day to all!


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San Gimignano

Hello -

Lourdes has replied to this type of request in another post - so I will just pass over the info to you ;.)

As for getting to San Gimignano from Siena - most definitely you can get there from Siena, more easily by bus rather than train. This page has all you need, plus a link to the bus timetables at the end:

the timetable is a huge pdf that includes ALL of the bus lines from Siena to the surroundings. If you go to the main page of that site, you can also see timetables for the city as well.

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